Business registration in Dubai, UAE

As a business owner or a beginning entrepreneur, you must have considered either launching a new business in Dubai or expanding your footprints to the ever-growing economic hub of the Middle East. The Emirates offer a highly lucrative environment for businesses to grow. 


Advantages of setting up a business in the UAE:


  • Open and flexible policy in the area of innovative tech and Web3
  • Favorable VARA regulation
  • Growth-centric international business and financial hub
  • Low tax liabilities
  • World-class infrastructure and unparalleled global connectivity
  • Active government support for entrepreneurs and investors
  • 100% expat ownership on the mainland as well as free zones


The very thought of dealing with the Dubai company registration process in a foreign land with its own set of rules and regulations and an unknown bureaucracy can be overwhelming. However, we make the process of company formation seamless for entrepreneurs with our bespoke solutions for all your business needs. 


How to register a company in Dubai and across the UAE 


Business registration in Dubai is relatively fast and easy. Here are the key steps for company registration in Dubai.


  1. Select business activity

We will help you comprehend the feasibility and map out the possible expenses for required documents.


  1. Get a local partner (if required)

Although the recent amendments to the Commercial Companies Law abolish the need for expats to partner with an Emirati sponsor for company registration in Dubai mainland, several activities still require business to follow the rule. If your business activity does require that you have a local sponsor in Dubai, we will ensure you have a reliable shareholder who will act as a silent partner, while you have complete command over your finance and operations. We will help draft a fool proof legal contract to protect your rights as an investor in Dubai.


  1. Select a company structure

Our experienced corporate legal advisors will help you select an optimal system to achieve your business goals.


  1. Determine your company name

It is compulsory to reserve your trade name with the Department of Economic Development (DED). 


  1. Get initial approval and external permits

Once your primary documents get accepted, you can start your business, while we will do the leg work for acquiring your trade license in Dubai 


  1. Rent a commercial space

Regardless of the type of your business activity, you will be required to have a rental lease, also known as Ejari in Arabic, to apply for your business license in Dubai.


  1. Make relevant payments

We will assist you with opening a bank account in Dubai. Our company will provide you with the cost breakup of all the administrative charges with full transparency.


  1. Get your trade license

Once you have received the legal documents, you can proceed with other aspects of your business, such as establishing an office, team relocation etc. We will also help you with that.

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